Our Products

Standard Toilet Cubicles

We follow the standard space for toilet cubicles to allow for enough space for moving within the cubicle. It allows occupants of the toilet to properly move around if they need to do their private deeds inside the space.

It also has bolt lock system that allows it to be securely locked from the inside but also has a built in emergency access in case an emergency happens within the toilet. Trapped users can be pulled out easily in case they collapsed inside the washroom.

Children Toilet Cubicles

The selection we have for children’s toilet cubicles will be the perfect solution for an educational institution. Whether it’s an elementary school or high school, you can choose from different designs to match your student’s age.

Pick the nursery style colors to create a fun atmosphere inside the washroom for kids. Bright colors and low doors are perfect for small kids. You can also pick a vandal-proof toilet cubicle to keep kids from destroying the design

Enlarge WC Cubicles

This type of toilet has a wider space to accommodate both the user and a sanitary activity they perform within the cubicle. If they need assistance to sit or stand within the cubicle, they can grab on the left and right rails inside.